Elevate Your Commercial Space with Tailored Glass and Metal Solutions

When it comes to architectural glass, aluminum, or steel needs, look no further than St. Germain’s—a trusted member of the Brin family of companies. Our expansive network guarantees access to specialty glass and metal creations tailored for any commercial setting. With a specialized focus on these materials, St. Germain’s stands ready to be your ideal collaborator in bringing your architectural visions to life. 

Setting ourselves apart in the industry, St. Germain’s boasts comprehensive glass and metal fabrication capabilities. Our proficient team excels in translating client requirements into top-notch products primed for installation. Count on our mastery of glass and metal fabrication to fulfill all your standards for quality and excellence. 

At St. Germain’s, our fabrication excellence is reinforced by several key pillars:

  • Unwavering Dedication to Quality: Upholding the highest standards of production quality is a cornerstone of our family of companies, driven by a steadfast Midwest work ethic. We understand the significance of each project and its impact on our reputation, client satisfaction, and the communities we serve.  
  • Harnessing Advanced Technology: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and machinery across our network ensures premium product fabrication and secure transportation. From cutting-edge Vertical IG production lines to precision CNC machines for both metal and glass, within our family of companies, we have the tools to deliver excellence. Our logistics benefit from specialized trucks and overhead cranes, further enhancing customer satisfaction. 
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Anticipating and mitigating potential supply chain hiccups, design challenges, or logistical hurdles is second nature to St. Germain’s. Our proactive approach ensures a seamless order process, with innovative solutions readily available to address any complications that may arise. 
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement: Striving for ongoing enhancement is deeply ingrained in our culture at St. Germain’s. Seasoned colleagues, mentor new team members, sharing invaluable insights and best practices. We prioritize continuous skills training and educational opportunities to keep our team ahead of the curve, maintaining our competitive edge and unwavering commitment to success. 

Partner with St. Germain’s for your fabrication needs, and rest assured knowing that our expertise, dedication to quality, and proactive mindset will deliver exceptional outcomes for your architectural endeavors. 

Technical Skill

St. Germain’s prides itself on consistently delivering exceptional workmanship backed by extensive skill and precision. With our team of highly experienced fabricators, many possessing 15-30 years of expertise beyond their initial apprenticeship, we offer unrivaled quality in our services. Our apprenticeship programs are comprehensive, encompassing 3 years (or 6000 hours) of rigorous training in technical, safety, and specialized glasswork and metalwork. At St. Germain’s, we expertly handle a wide range of jobs: from simple tasks to more complex projects such as crafting arched metal storefronts, constructing steel-reinforced curtain walls, or creating custom-made doors with intricate locking mechanisms. Count on St. Germain’s for getting every job done correctly.


Are you planning a residential or commercial development project involving interior or exterior glass? Seek St. Germain’s involvement from the initial stages to maximize our holistic array of services. As a one-stop solution, we not only design, fabricate, distribute, and install, but also provide enduring support throughout your project’s lifecycle. Availing our services early can expedite production and streamline your project with our expansive glass solution expertise.


St. Germain’s, a leading partner in the construction process, excels in delivering expertly fabricated glass and metal orders for construction projects, regardless of their size. Showcasing our collaboration capacity, through our diverse BRIN family of companies. The success of our projects is a testament to the seamless communication and strong working relationships between the primary fabricators, project leads, installation team, the main contractor, and several other key contributors.